What is Governor?

Production-like data provisioning shouldn’t be daunting and time consuming. Synthesized automates this process - it solves the problem of replacing sensitive production data from non-production environments with right-sized production-like data.

Governor, developed by Synthesized, serves as a user-friendly interface that streamlines workflow management for data transformation and generation. It introduces a layer of collaboration and governance to the YAML-configured data transformation and generation workflows presented in the TDK and SDK, enhancing the process of producing production-like data in adherence to transformation rules and policies.

Governor’s key capabilities include:

  • Unified Workflow Management and Monitoring: Governor simplifies and centralizes workflow management and monitoring, covering both the SDK and the TDK.

  • Embedding Compliance Requirements: It encapsulates compliance requirements within data transformations by allowing YAML configuration of transformation jobs. This facilitates auditing of YAML configuration files and ensures the reusability of configurations.

  • Enhanced Collaboration for Data Compliance: Governor supports collaboration with data compliance for workflow approval.

  • Effective SDK License Tracking: The tool aids in tracking SDK licenses throughout the organization.

Who the Governor helps

Governor caters to a diverse range of roles including Software Engineers, Software Testers, Test Engineers, Database Administrators (DBAs), Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers, Compliance Officers, and Data Engineers.

Governor typically falls under the ownership of individuals such as the DBA Lead, Head of Data Architecture, VP of Engineering, VP of Quality Engineering, and Tech Lead Managers.

How the Governor works

Governor empowers users to define data transformation and generation workflows through a user-friendly YAML editor. These workflows are accessible in a human-readable format and can also be previewed within a sandbox database. This feature enables a thorough review of compliance requirements, ensuring their fulfillment before making decisions regarding the data transformation and approval/rejection of data into the final output database.