Version 1.58.0

21 Jun 2024

enhancement Better rendering for long datasource names in preferences

Version 1.57.0

13 Jun 2024

enhancement Metrics collection for Governor

Governor now supports metrics collection. For more information, refer to the Metrics Collection documentation.

Version 1.56.0

31 May 2024

enhancement Upgrade to the Latest TDK Version

Updated TDK to v1.56.0. For details, refer to the TDK changelog

Version 1.55.0

24 May 2024

bugfix Fix filtering by tag

Workflows now can be filtered by tag name

Version 1.54.0

17 May 2024

bugfix Fix datasource limit pagination for all datasources and datasource settings

Fixed the bug which prevented users from creation of more than 12 datasources in Governor.

Version 1.53.0

26 April 2024

feature External API for Running Workflows

We have introduced an API that allows you to run workflows and list workflow runs. This feature enables the triggering of TDK workflows from external systems, enhancing the flexibility and interoperability of our platform.

feature Access Key Management

To ensure secure access to the new external API, it’s necessary to generate an access key. Please refer to Generating an Access Key for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Please note that the previously available "SDK Tracking" and "Access Token" functionalities have been deprecated and are no longer available in the Governor UI.

Version 1.52.0

19 April 2024

feature Workflow Tags

The workflows can now be marked with custom tags. This feature allows users to categorize and filter workflows based on their tags.

Version 1.47.0

21 February 2024

bugfix Optimise workflow run logs for small viewport

feature Added run / stop / monitor workflow run buttons

feature Added workflow run confirmation dialog

Version 1.46.0

16 February 2024

bugfix Fix big logs out of memory crash for "Worklow Run" logs screen

Logs screen reworked from full-log view to chunk-based view.

enhancement Upgrade to the Latest TDK Version

Updated TDK to v1.46.0. For details, refer to the TDK changelog

Version 1.45.0

13 February 2024

enhancement Upgrade to the Latest TDK Version

Updated TDK to v1.45.0. For details, refer to the TDK changelog

Version 1.44.0

7 February 2024

enhancement URL Parameter Support Added to Workflow Run Modal for Customized Viewing

Added support for URL parameters in the workflow run "modal" widget, allowing users to specify which workflow run ID to view via the URL. This change ensures compatibility with other widgets, such as db-view or settings, that also utilize URL-based navigation states, preventing interference with their functionality.

enhancement Reworked Workflow Review Functionality

Move workflow review functionality from "Workflow Run" dialog to main project toolbar. The database view has been improved to include case-insensitive search in the database view.

Version 1.43.0

31 January 2024

enhancement Enhanced User Experience for Viewing Workflow Run Logs

Previously, users were only able to download the log file for the current/latest workflow run. With this enhancement, users can now select a specific workflow run in the UI, enabling them to download logs specific to the chosen run.

In addition to the improved log download functionality, users can now also view logs in real-time during the execution of a workflow run.

enhancement Upgrade to the Latest TDK Version

Updated TDK to v1.43.0. For details, refer to the TDK changelog

bugfix Restore Missing Search Field

Addressed an issue where the search field was missing.

bugfix Resolve Theme Style Issue in Config Editor

Addressed a bug in the YAML config editor color schema where commas were previously invisible.

bugfix Rectify Delay in Workflow Run Logs Display

Fixed a bug causing Workflow run logs to not appear immediately or show intermediate status promptly.

Version 1.42.0

29 January 2024

bugfix Enhance Stability in Helm Chart Installation Options

Resolved an issue related to Helm Chart installation options that caused instability when the backend API was inaccessible from the frontend.

Version 1.41.0

23 January 2024

enhancement Make JWT Secret Configurable.

To enhance security, a breaking change has been introduced. Starting from this version, it is mandatory to provide the JWT secret for all installation options. Please refer to the updated details for Kubernetes and Docker Compose deployments.

bugfix Fixed an issue where the Governor UI was unavailable in the Kubernetes installation option.

enhancement Security Enhancement: Third-Party Dependencies.

This release includes security enhancements aimed at addressing vulnerabilities identified in third-party dependencies.

bugfix Address Workflow Run Interference

This release includes a fix to mitigate the rare bug that could cause interference from previous workflow runs affecting the current execution.

Version 1.39.0

5 January 2024

enhancement New Pagila for Governor 3.19.

The governor dependency has updated to using our official Pagila image.

enhancement Case-insensitive search in the database view.

The database view has been improved to include case-insensitive search in the database view.

Version 1.38.0

15 December 2023


The Governor versioning policy has been updated to align with the TDK version included in the delivery.

feature Enhanced database view with search and filters

The database view has been improved to include the search input for tables that supports sorting and filtering options.

enhancement Offline assets (fonts, icons).

All Governor assets, including fonts and icons, are now accessible locally without relying on an external CDN.

enhancement Enhanced Workflow Interruption Handling

This improvement ensures the more predictable and reliable interruption of the workflow run.

enhancement VSCode theme for enhanced YAML syntax highlighting.

The config editor’s readability has been enhanced with a new VSCode theme for YAML syntax highlighting.

enhancement Autoindent for pasting YAML configurations.

The YAML config now includes autoindentation support for pasting blocks of configuration.

Version 1.3.0

04 December 2023

enhancement TDK update

TDK is updated to v. 1.36.1

Version 1.2.0

28 November 2023

bugfix Governor UI: configuration editor fixes

  • Bug: Fix caret

  • Status Bar: Configuration save status (saved, unsaved)

  • Warn if changes unsaved (modal: separate task, update design of confirm dialog)

  • Fix theme colors for brackets and floats

  • Highlight button

Version 1.01

10 November 2023

Version 1.01 of the Synthesized Governor.

feature Database view reworked

Database structure browsing feature is reworked for better usability and performance.

feature Helm chart for Governor is now installation is now available

Helm chart is now available to run Governor in Kubernetes.

bugfix Spontaneous logouts fixed

Fixed a bug that led to spontaneous logouts from Governor.

feature Documentation is reworked

Documentation for Governor is updated and reworked

Version 1.0

01 Apr 2023

Version 1.0 of the Synthesized Governor.

feature Governor is now available as Docker-compose demo

Docker-compose script is available to run Governor.

feature Documentation is reworked

Documentation for Governor is updated and reworked