Data sources

In order to create and execute a workflow, users needs to define the input and output (destination) data sources.

Creating a Data Source

Data sources can be created via the data sources page. There are two ways to access this page:

  • Data source page > create a data source


To create a new data source, the user are to enter the following parameters:

  • Data source name (required)

  • DB Type (required)

Supported Databases

Governor easily connects to a variety of data sources.


  • JDBC URL (needed, starting with jdbc:[…​] depending on type and driver)

  • Authentication type:

    • Username & password (default)

    • No authentication

  • Authentication details (depending on auth type)

  • Permissions (private by default) [explained below]

Data Source Permissions

Given the sensitive nature of data sources, each data source has its own access levels that is set when creating it.

Possible access levels are:

  • Private (default): Only the data source creator, and users with administrator or owner roles can see it.

  • Read-only: All users with “read data source” permissions can see it, but it can only be selected as a source (input) data source when creating a workflow

  • Read & Write: The data source can be used as a source and as a destination in a workflow.