HighDimSynthesizer.learn(df_train, num_iterations=None, callback=None, callback_freq=0, hide_progress=False)

Learn the underlying distribution of the original data by training the synthesizer.

This method can be called multiple times to continue the training process.

  • df_train (pd.DataFrame) – Training data that matches schema of the DataFrameMeta used by this synthesizer.

  • num_iterations (int, optional) The number of training iterations (not epochs) – in which case the learning process is intelligently stopped as the synthesizer converges.

  • callback (Callable, optional) – synthesizer instance, the iteration number, and a dictionary of the loss function values as arguments. Aborts training if the return value is True. Defaults to None.

  • callback_freq (int, optional) – The number of training iterations to perform before the callback is called. Defaults to 0, in which case the callback is never called.

  • hide_progress (bool) – Whether to hide progress bar in stdout for training

Return type