Synthesizer objects are the core component of Synthesized. They provide implementations of the models that can learn from data to produce highly accurate and representative synthetic data.

HighDimSynthesizer(df_meta[, config, ...])

Synthesizer that can learn to generate data from a single tabular dataset.

TwoTableSynthesizer(df_metas, keys[, relation])

Synthesizer that can learn to generate data from two tables.

Data Reshaping & Augmentation

In addition to generating synthetic data that looks and behaves exactly like the original, Synthesized provides tools that enable data reshaping and generation of arbitrary scenarios.

ConditionalSampler(synthesizer[, ...])

Generate conditional data that corresponds to user-defined marginal distributions of specific columns.


Impute values (e.g missing values, outliers) in original data using a Synthesizer to generate realistic data points.