Application Properties

How to set

There are several ways how to set system properties:

  • Create file in the same directory as the application JAR file and set values there. The content of

  • Set properties when running a JAR file:

    java -DPROPERTY.NAME=PROPERTY.VALUE -jar app-[version].jar

Properties supported for both API and CLI

  • SECRETS.GCP.SECRET.MANAGER.ENABLED - indicates if Google Cloud Platform Secret Manager enabled (default: false).

    If this feature is enabled, you can pass JDBC user and password credentials in the following format: {"type": "gcp", "project": "project", "secret": "secret", "version": "version"}, where:

    • project - GCP project ID,

    • secret - Secret Manager secret ID,

    • version (optional, default - latest) - Secret Manager secret version ID.

Please note that the access to GCP should be configured via built-in GCP credentials or by GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable

The value of the secret should be a UTF-8 encoded string.

Properties supported only for API

  • DB.URL - internal database JDBC URL (default: jdbc:h2:mem:db).

  • DB.USER - internal database user.

  • DB.PASSWORD - internal database password.

  • SQL.DIALECT - internal database SQL Dialect (default: H2).

  • SERVER.PORT - application port (default: 8081).