In order to run the application, the host needs to have the following installed:

  • Docker or Docker Desktop.

Run in Docker

The example of running latest TDK using Docker image deployed to Docker Hub:

docker run -i \
  -v $(pwd)/config.yaml:/app/config.yaml \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_INPUT_URL=[input db jdbc url] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_INPUT_USERNAME=[input db user] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_INPUT_PASSWORD=[input db password] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_OUTPUT_URL=[output db jdbc url] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_OUTPUT_USERNAME=[output db user] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_OUTPUT_PASSWORD=[output db password] \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_USERCONFIG_FILE=/app/config.yaml \
  --env SYNTHESIZED_KEY=[synthesized key] \

In this example it is assumed that a file config.yaml with TDK config exists in current host directory.

You can find the list of supported environment variables for the TDK docker image here.