More examples

This page contains a list of available demo projects that illustrate TDK usage in various scenarios.


A collection of demo projects for data generation, masking, and subsetting for various databases and integrations using Synthesized TDK:

  • TDK with PostgreSQL – generation for an empty database, generation based on existing data, masking, and subsetting for the Postgres sample database.

  • TDK with MySQL – masking and subsetting for the MySQL sample database.

  • TDK with Oracle – an example of how to mask the Oracle sample database and import it into Postgres.

  • TDK with DB2 – an example of how to mask the embedded DB2 sample database.

  • TDK with PostgreSQL and Hashicorp Vault – how to use TDK with Hashicorp Vault secret manager for Postgres database.


Example of testing a Spring Boot app using TestContainers and Synthesized TDK.


An example that shows how to use Synthesized TDK to populate databases for staging environment of a simple microservice application.


Flyway, Spawn and Synthesized TDK to test database migrations.